CDOT Black Gore Creek Sediment Removal – Vail Pass, Colorado

In August 2008, AWC contracted with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) for the Black Gore Creek Sediment Removal project.

Over the past several decades, sediment has built up in the Black Gore Creek from traction sanding operations along I-70 west of Vail Pass. This sediment has reduced the water quality in Black Gore Creek. As part of larger environmental mitigation program, CDOT planned a project to remove 15,000 cubic yards of sediment from an area in Black Gore Creek. To accomplish this, AWC installed a water-filled dam in the Black Gore Creek and pumped the creek flows around the area containing the sediment. Once it diverted the creek flows, AWC used excavators and trucks to excavate the sediment from the creek and dispose of it off site. The limited site access, erratic stream flows, and environmental sensitive nature of the work posed significant challenges to the work. AWC successfully completed this project in October 2008.